2011: Your Best Year Ever

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All told, Opportunity has driven more than 34 km 21 mi since landing on the Red Planet way back in for a mere 90 sol mission. The dynamic duo lifted off from Cape Canaveral on September 10, atop the last Delta II rocket that will likely soar to space from Florida. After a three month voyage of more than 2. Engineers will then gradually lower the satellites to a near-polar near-circular orbital altitude of about 34 miles 55 kilometers.

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Curiosity is the newest, largest and most technologically sophisticated robotic surveyor that NASA has ever assembled. Video caption: Action packed animation depicts sequences of Curiosity departing Earth, the nail biting terror of the never before used entry, descent and landing on the Martian surface and then looking for signs of life at Gale Crater during her minimum two year expedition across hitherto unseen and unexplored Martian landscapes, mountains and craters. Credit: NASA.

Curiosity will gather and analyze samples of Martian dirt in pursuit of the tell-tale signatures of life in the form of organic molecules — the carbon based building blocks of life as we know it. The crater exhibits exposures of phyllosilicates and other minerals that may have preserved evidence of ancient or extant Martian life and is dominated by a towering 3 mile 5 km high mountain. This past year Ken was incredibly fortunate to witness the ongoing efforts of many of these magnificent endeavors. Wonderful video simulation of the new Mars Rover. Thanks guys! It was very exciting to watch as an ordinary layman….

Skip to content. Just having them defined as, what, why, how, when and where. Now reaching out to the experts was a bit crazy, but it does work, if they respond. But all depends. I think this post is my favorite, and the timing is ideal. Thanks for the journaling reminder. I do good for awhile, then for some reason I start blowing it off, and it really is beneficial.

I also have to agree with Carl…add gratitude to the list. But when you think about ALL you do have, it can put a smile on your face pretty damn fast. And we do have a lot.

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How do you catch a cold? Hang out with someone that has one. This is probably even more true with cynics, and the adverse effects will last much longer. You have just bought a ticket for the train to nowhere. And the victim of your criticism has separated the gap between you and them even farther. I really got a lot from this post. I know the result if I quit trying. John, That is a sweet post dude. Well said, something for everyone, and balls to the wall!

I have work to do!! Have a safe and happy new year brother. Love the authenticity. Thank you for the kick in the Ass. The recession will probably get worse for those who are still buying into it. I once heard that 5 words would summarize all the self-help books ever written — Get up off your Ass! John, your post says it so more eloquently! Looking forward to the best year ever.


Having been a whingeing Pom for many many years, I still find complaining to be one of the best pleasures. Thanks and have an amazing Great post!

Great post John, many salient points for us budding internet marketers. Two action points for me: 1 Spend less time looking and at trying out new courses and things and just get some of the ones I have done implemented ADHD?? This is the first time I have read a post on your blog- by way of a friends recommendations. They risked everything, stopping or failure was not an option, and death was a real possibility- all to reach their goal of a better life in the west. We stand on their shoulders.

Great post. Thank you. As you say, yes it bloody well is. Fucking great. Be sure to watch for word of it. A trembling package of wonder that arrives in your mailbox every month, loaded with good stuff. Yes John you will see me in San Diego. And for that you and I can thank my bank that just let me book on the payment plan with a maxed credit card! Plus my decision to give up my 2 week vacation due to start next week and instead work extra casual shifts at my day job to produce the cash to do so.

Don’t Buy Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever & Miss These

Then to work an extra night shift starting in 2 hours. I skipped a long vacation to Amsterdam! Hell, yes, it was a difficult decision to make. Difficult, but it took all of ten seconds to make, nevertheless. I invested the time in my future, and the adventures that resulted have been spectacular. Good on ya, mate. There are a few people who, in the good times, were earning a lot and spending more, and looked down on him. I guess it make them feel superior, or something. Anyway, today, when things are tougher, several of them are looking to him for work, or a loan, or some type of help.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that his experience teaches the importance of working hard and never forgetting to save a little for a rainy day. Yeah dude.. RIP …. Your definitely not from any hood.. So now your successful so what.. Is that it.. I here do not pander to this type of rhetoric as do these other commentators. I dont give a shit what you and your cronies think.

Since you ask… I grew up working class Pop worked construction in Cucamonga, which was a tiny and very old part of the California inland valley… where, you should know, Don Van Vleet lived for a long time that would be the good Captain Beefheart. And this blog is free — six years of content in the archives, yours for the reading, gratis.

I DO have a lot to learn, too. I admit that frequently — life is one long lesson, and nobody gets it perfect, ever. Good for you.

Why are you wasting time on worthless blogs like this? Seriously, man, get a handle on your incoherent rage before it eats you alive. Stand tall and use your real name next time. I grew up in a single-wide trailer with an alcoholic, womanizing, pathological-liar father and a mother with delusions of religion.

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Not because I got any special education to do it. Because I wrote and sent of stories for seven years before I sold a damn word. Ever word John said is true. If you want to live a better life, get off your lazy, whining ass and do it. Be persistent. This is exactly the type of advice I needed going into the new year — setting goals and nailing them, stop wasting time, be disciplined, reality checks.

I kind of knew it already, I just needed to be kicked in the ass with it like this. I do massage in Miami and am starting a service to do internet marketing in Miami for tourism businesses. I quit my part time job and now it is sink or swim.

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I have to hit the pavement now and get clients. These are rules I can live by.

2011: Your Best Year Ever 2011: Your Best Year Ever
2011: Your Best Year Ever 2011: Your Best Year Ever
2011: Your Best Year Ever 2011: Your Best Year Ever
2011: Your Best Year Ever 2011: Your Best Year Ever
2011: Your Best Year Ever 2011: Your Best Year Ever
2011: Your Best Year Ever 2011: Your Best Year Ever
2011: Your Best Year Ever 2011: Your Best Year Ever
2011: Your Best Year Ever 2011: Your Best Year Ever
2011: Your Best Year Ever

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