Becoming a Man in Thailand

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There are more than 1, delivery people, who belong to the logistics companies -- not Line Thailand. More than Line Man engineers in the headquarters keep monitoring apps and delivery performance to maintain service quality of the delivery men, who follow guidelines of both logistics companies and Line Thailand.

The service is currently available in Bangkok and three adjunct cities. The company plans to expand its operations to all major cities by Kasikorn Line In December last year, Line Thailand announced it would establish Kasikorn Line, a joint venture with Kasikorn Bank, or KBank, one of the three largest local banks, via Kasiakornvision, a tech investment holding company. Kasikorn Bank is the first local bank that has invested in information technology and fintech and is now aggressively investing in the sector.

This year, Kasikorn Line acquired a license for microfinance from the Bank of Thailand and it plans to launch the service possibly by next year.

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Customers will then enjoy instant banking services on the Line platform, such as being able to apply for banking products, transfers of funds or personal loans, with an easy approval process. All the activities will be done by Kasikorn Line and not by Line Thailand itself because the firm has no banking license, a company official said. Currently, Taiwan is the only nation to allow Line to set up an internet bank.

It is preparing to start similar services in Japan, but has not yet received a license. Now we partner with Karsicon, but there is more potential because we are looking for an opportunity to expand services.

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There are five million e-wallets registered with Line Thailand, according to the company. Celltrion Healthcare seeks expansion in Middle East. Genexine establishes JV in Thai.

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  5. Market Kurly shifts to paper packages. She stayed for nine days at the temple. Officially, only men can become monks and novices in Thailand under a Buddhist order that since has forbidden the ordination of women.

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    4. The country does not recognize female monks or novices. One option for devout Thai women is to become white-clad Buddhist nuns, who follow a less-strict religious regimen than monks and are often relegated to housekeeping tasks in temples. In recent years, more Thai Buddhist women seeking to become full-fledged "bhikkunis," or female monks, have been defying the tradition by pursuing the other option: getting ordained overseas, usually in Sri Lanka or India.

      Dhammananda Bhikkhuni, the year-old abbess of the Songdhammakalyani monastery, flew to Sri Lanka to be ordained in as Thailand's first female monk. Since then, she has helped women like Boodsabann join the Buddhist order as novices at the monastery's ordination ceremonies every April and December.

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      You have to rebel against injustice because this is not right," she added. While Dhammananda's monastery ordains female novices, it cannot do the same for those seeking to become female monks. Such a ceremony would require not only 10 female monks but also 10 male monks, who are forbidden under Thailand's order to participate in it. There are about female monks across Thailand and they were all ordained abroad, Dhammananda said, adding that her monastery houses seven of them.

      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand
      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand
      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand
      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand
      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand
      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand
      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand
      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand
      Becoming a Man in Thailand Becoming a Man in Thailand

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