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Reviewers praised the expansion for expanding on the game with more quests; however, some criticized it for its excessive focus on combat and for being too similar to the base game. Reviews for Part II were more positive, with critics praising its storytelling and the role-playing available to the player. As with the base game, the player controls a party of up to six characters through adventures.

Mr. Odd - Let's Play Pillars of Eternity - Part 1 - Unnaturally, In Death.

Several new features are added with the expansion's accompanying patches, which include an artificial intelligence system for party members, which lets the player choose if they are "aggressive" or "defensive" during battles, and also has an option for them to use abilities which can only be used a set number of times per resting automatically, [1] [2] and a Story Time difficulty mode which allows the player to advance through the game faster. The expansion is set in the new area of the White March. The White March mostly takes place north of the country of Dyrwood in the fantasy world of Eora, in a snowy region called the White March.

Part I: After the Watcher acquires the stronghold Caed Nua, the steward notifies him or her that the village of Stalwart is in need of aid to awaken the white forges in an ancient dwarven fortress, Durgan's Battery. The mayor, Renengild, explains to the protagonist that they need the White Forge to help the village recover from the harsh times they have been going through recently.

She tells the Watcher she has already sent several expeditions to the Battery, but none have managed to breach it. When the Watcher enters Durgan's Battery and finds the White Forge, they find out that the dwarves working there used it to bind themselves to the fortress. The player has a choice between releasing them to the Wheel to find new life, binding them to the cannons to defend the forge, or to bind them to the White Forge so they can stay and tend to their legacy.

Part II: Some time since the Watcher has left the White March after awakening the White Forge, the character has a dream where they see an army marching down from the snowy mountains who will cause destruction unless they are stopped. When the player returns to the region, there is a concern over a group of Raedcerans, known as the Iron Flail, who want to claim the White Forge for themselves. When the Watcher goes to their base to try and control the situation, it is ambushed by strange, tall creatures. The Watcher finds out these are called the Eyeless, and that they are from the army the Watcher saw in their dream.

The player tracks down the location of the Abbey of the Fallen Moon. The player finds out that the leader of the location can help call off the army. After the leader instructs them, the Watcher enters the reliquary, in the center of which there is a giant skull. Examining the skull starts a conversation with the goddess Ondra. The player finds out that she is angry with them for awakening the White Forge, saying it should have been forgotten.

Ondra tells the Watcher that she summoned the army of the Eyeless to hide her secrets. Ondra is the goddess of forgetting: she believes that forgetting is preferable to living with the burden of remembering. She killed the god of smithery and preservation, Abydon, the creator of the Eyeless, because he went too far against her wishes. Ondra explains that she has since discovered that her control over the Eyeless is limited, since she is not their creator, so she is unable call them off again, and therefore needs a mortal agent to stop them. The Watcher volunteers for this role.

Ondra tells the player that in order to destroy the Eyeless, a crystal fragment of the fallen moon called the Ionni Brathr must be shattered. The player travels to the location of the crystal in Cayron's Scar where he finds out from Ondra that smashing the crystal will call forth the Eyeless who will assist in shattering it. However, it must be smashed repeatedly for the Eyeless to continue helping.

This means that the person who remains with the crystal will die. Depending on the player's choices, everybody in the party can survive, but it is possible for either the Watcher or one of their companions to permanently die. After the crystal shatters and if the player survives, the Eyeless begin talking with the Watcher, who ask them why they are trying to kill them. They tell the player that their main objective is preservation. When the player tells them what Ondra said, they say that she changed them into destroyers against their will.

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They tell the Watcher that they want to return to themselves to restore Abydon. The player has a choice between destroying them and Abydon's memory or allowing them to return to themselves. Plans for an expansion pack were already announced more than a week before Pillars of Eternity was released, with the developers noting that it would be with around the same area size as the Baldur's Gate expansion, Tales of the Sword Coast.

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He also mentioned that they wanted it to be an expansion in the vein of Baldur's Gate ' s and Icewind Dale ' s, saying that they wanted the expansion to be "meaty" and have "hours and hours of gameplay". The snow-covered setting of the expansion is said to take inspiration from Black Isle Studios ' Icewind Dale , with the developers at Obsidian saying they wanted a brand new setting to accompany the increase in difficulty.

Directed by Josh Sawyer , [20] the two-part The White March was announced and presented at Electronic Entertainment Expo , and a trailer for the first part was later released. The White March — Part I received mixed reviews.

On Metacritic, it has a score of 76 out of The expansion's graphics received praise from PC Gamer , who said that the snowy environments of the game provided the expansion with a distinct art style compared to the green forests of Pillars of Eternity. PC World criticized the lack of interesting quests and described the content as "low-reward dungeon crawl padded with some filler quests", with the reviewer faulting this to the small scope of the expansion.

The White March — Part II was generally received more favorably by critics; it has a score of 79 out of on Metacritic, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Mistakes are no longer deadly and most normal enemy mobs can be knocked down without any issues. Story Time was a breath of fresh air for my playthrough. Normal enemies were taken down with ease, and boss battles were no longer insurmountable gauntlets. Without the fear of being randomly beaten down by a spider, I was able to fully enjoy what Pillars Of Eternity has to offer. I realize that to some people, that might miss the point of Obsidian making a spiritual successor to those Infinity Engine games.

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To some, juggling the complex combat is the point, and makes a satisfying tactical RPG to play over and over again. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. More about Pillars of Eternity. More by me.

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Pillars Of Eternity 2 fully launches turn-based mode, adds more story beats. Microsoft are reportedly in the final stages of buying RPG studio Obsidian. Steam Charts: Baseless Controversy Edition. Wot I think: Warsaw.

The Joy Of Story Time in Pillars Of Eternity

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Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two
Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two
Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two
Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two
Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two
Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two
Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two
Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two
Eternity - Story Two Eternity - Story Two

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