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And Gonzaga doesn't make decisions about who lives there. But it's on the official campus map and it's listed in the campus directory. Al Letson: So, Emily, you're saying these priests who've been accused of raping and abusing kids and young women were sent to live on a college campus surrounded by young people? Emily Schwing: That is exactly what I am telling you, Al. They went to basketball games.

They used the library. And they had healthcare services at the Cardinal Bea House. Now, I should say that I haven't found evidence that the accused priests offended or abused anyone after they moved into the home. Emily Schwing: Still, I wanted to check it out. So, I went there one day with Reveal's data editor, Michael Corey.

He had been helping me dig into those records I mentioned. Emily Schwing: As we wait, a steady stream of students walks right in front of this building. It's pretty nondescript. Red bricks, square windows, and it's not really a house. It's more like a small office building. Emily Schwing: Mike and are met with a warm welcome. Emily Schwing: I'm fine. Thank you for the offer though. Emily Schwing: Inside a long hallway gives way to an expansive living room. The same one where James Poole said he was interviewed by a female Gonzaga University student.

Father's Oliva and Torrence invite Michael and me to sit on a well-worn couch and easy chairs with floral upholstery. Another Jesuit, Father Frank Case, seems curious. So, he joins the conversation. At first only for a moment but he stays standing for more than an hour. Michael asks Father Case about the alleged abusers who lived here over the years.

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Micheal Corey: Do you have an opinion as to why these things happened in the church or in the order? Frank Case: One of the scandal was that people were covering up the abuse. Emily Schwing: Wait. Who, which people do you mean? Frank Case: The Bishops. And one of the reasons I think for that is that you know they would if a guy was having trouble, sexual addiction or like alcohol addiction or anything.

They'd send them off to one of these rehab programs. And then they would come back with a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval from some psychologist saying that he's ready to be reassigned to ministry. You know, the Bishops are not psychological experts. Emily Schwing: Still to be a Jesuit is to join a brotherhood.

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Frank Case: One of the things I do, I want to reach out to the perpetrator, to the person, and say, "You're still our brother and we want to support you as a brother Jesuit for as long as we can. So, you don't have to preach at, preach at them.

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Max Oliva: I think we also, you know, would pray for the victims. Emily Schwing: Mm-hmm affirmative. I'm glad you mentioned that. I was going to ask you like do you think that they get the same kind of support that a Jesuit, like you said, like your, you know, they're still your brother would get? Frank Case: I don't know, because that depends on their own families. Usually the Provincial will make contact with them and try to be supportive, and get them psychological help if as needed.

He also told us he used to the Provincial here. He was in charge of the Jesuits in Alaska, in the Northwest. What he didn't tell us is that while he was Provincial in , he wrote a letter endorsing James Poole. Case called him a Jesuit priest in very good standing. This was right after Poole left Alaska because too many accusations had piled up. Emily Schwing: A Gonzaga spokesperson told us, "Case didn't know about the accusations against Poole when he wrote that letter. When we talked he was also the vice president of Gonzaga University and he sat the bench as the Chaplin of the Bulldogs, Gonzaga's beloved basketball team.

After our story aired, he and another high ranking Jesuit official at Gonzaga, Father Patrick Lee, resigned. Speaker Parents, students, and alumni, as you can imagine at Gonzaga University reeling this morning after these allegations were made public and Travis is here. You went to Gonzaga University. Speaker These predator priests were allowed to retire in luxury, in comfort, right on campus alongside you know all the students.

Thayne McCulloh sent a memo to faculty and staff calling our findings, "A revelation. But they haven't responded with details. Emily Schwing: Our reporting made clear that abusive Jesuits got off easy, even priests who admitted under oath to sexual abuse. But I wanted to find out how Jesuit higher-ups treated survivors like Elsie Boudreau after she decided to speak up about what happened to her. Elsie Boudreau: We were like the sheep and they're the shepherd, and they're not responding to their flock in a responsible way.

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I became like a liability to them. She says the Bishop invited her to a meeting. Elsie Boudreau: It took like an hour and a half to even get him to understand what it was like for me to come forward. Not to be a victim, but what it was like for me to come forward.

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He didn't get it, and it became very clear to me that he did not care about what happened to me. He didn't understand the effects of the abuse. He didn't acknowledge that little girl that was hurt and say, "I'm sorry this happened to you. What can I do? Some were moved again, this time to a retirement home in California, that has more services for the elderly.

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As for the rest of them Micheal Corey: I found James Poole. He's on the wall. Emily Schwing: He is. Yeah, you're right. There he is. Emily Schwing: Mike and I stand in the middle of a Jesuit cemetery on a hillside about 20 minutes outside Spokane. It's a patch of grass, dotted by a simple white marble headstones, and a wall filled with urns. James Poole is buried here, and he's surrounded by his Jesuit brothers. Emily Schwing: I'm just going to look here. Here we go. I pull out my phone to find our list of priests.

Doyle, Dominic Doyle. He was not a good dude. Francis Duffy.

Harms Way Harms Way
Harms Way Harms Way
Harms Way Harms Way
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