Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck

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Mirza Kulender. November 7, at am. Neka zanimanja su samo za njih, npr. TheSoulSurfer, pozdrav za Hrvatsku i tebe! Svijet je, na zalost, mnogo drugaciji nego sto sakriveni paravani pokazuju! Uz sirenje znanja o ovim dogadjajima nadajmo se da ce zlih idiota biti sve manje, a boraca za Dobro sve vise! Zlim treba mnogo zlih ljudi za svako Dobro i Humano Bice, racunajuci one zle oko nas, one zle na internetu i tako dalje. Neka Humanih Bica bude sve vise pa da zlo nestane jednom za sva vremena, nemajuci kapaciteta za idiotizam!

Nije tesko uociti da je sakrivanje Istine njihov zli i primarni cilj! November 16, at am. November 28, at pm. November 30, at pm. Stay strong, Danielle Rose! The evil torture will get weaker in intensity by time! May 1, at pm. I started to cry after reading your reply. I have been going threw the same thing since of july. It started in march things strated going downhill in my relationship with my fiance. I realized threw snooping and behaviors that i was being cheated on. He met this woman in who turned him on to hard drugs. Basically it made me insane.

She started dating his friend. So it stopped about may. It was then i realized while me and my children slept they had a really good time in our basement.

Is Surfing More Sport or Religion?

I emailed her about six times to express my feelings. The thing is i emailed her anonamous. I figure if it was her she would know where to find me. What this woman did is put cameras in my home. But it didnot end there. She overheard a conversation with dcfs and me reporting an old friend. Now this other woman i have no idea if she lost her childeren but all of the kids family and friends about 50 have been to sum it up running me out of town.

Hawaiian Surf Meditations

They have pissed all over my home they have something going on threw the tvs which in the background you can hear non stop porn. I am afraid to go to the athorities because these people have access in my home. They do not beleive they would waste this much time on someone. If you have any advice for me and an update on you would be great.

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Good luck to all of you going threw this it is truly horrible. May 14, at am. August 5, at pm. August 6, at am. August 13, at am. October 6, at pm. October 17, at am.

So this is attempted murder, sorry to say. October 17, at pm. October 19, at pm. They are able to transmit there voices to me via short wave radio and have been doing this 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 years now. I originally heard them through my air conditioner and the noise follows me wherever I go.

Soul Surfer Music Video

Any noise source will amplify there signal such as a utility box or even passing road side traffic. I know who the people are involved as I had an altercation with two of the individuals involved and they were also stupid enough to tell me who they are. They would not give me the frequency that they use, but I am in the process of purchasing a meter that will tell me what frequency is being broadcast to me and will be in touch with the FCC.

In researching this I believe the frequency must be in the khz range, which would duplicate the effects of a neurophone, which is a device which allows the brain to hear radio broadcast through the skin. This explains why other people can not hear the broadcast. I have other evidence I can send to you regading who is involved and where they are doing it from I also belive the Navy yard shooter out in Washington was being messed with using this method. In reading a news article about it, he had complained about people broqadcasting there voices to him from all directions making it seem aws if the walls, floor and ceiling were speaking to him.

I also have expierienced this and know of no mentall illness that can duplicate this. Please get the word out as i am sure this sick trick is being done across the country and the FCC needs to do its job and stop this bullshit. Please get back to me.

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Pleas also ref. November 10, at am. He uses it as a sexual stimulant and I know how crazy this is going to sound but for so long ive been going through mental and emotional torture. The more i plead with him the more he does it and the longer he leaves it on all the while it starts out to where i barely feel it to excruciating pain. November 13, at pm. Does your boyfriend own a shortwave radio? Please read below comments and let me know if any of this sounds familiar.

Also he need not own one someone he knows could be sending the signal to him and you. Please read article, it is not well written but the technological points are valid. This is the only commericially available device capable of sending a radio signal at this low of a frequency.

It is not the goverment with microwave weapons it is sick fucking people who get off on torturing people. Please read the point in below article about the goverment using ELW radio waves to communicate with there submarines.

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The frequency they use is also able to be broadcast using a shortwave radio. Wake up out there!! As always please e-mail me at blokzyl hotmail. I was watching a conspiracy theory show the other day and I have to admit to someone who had no idea how radio waves worked, it sounded reasonable for anyone to assume that people could take over your mind with a simple radio transmitter.

To show the possibility of the technology being capable of controlling your mind, the show demonstrated a pair of headphones which bypass your ear-drums by sending the vibrational frequency of the sound being played through your skeletal structure. The doctor said that the transmitter worked on the same frequency as the human mind.

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To hack a mind they would have to hack into our carrier. So, to sum it up, what is the carrier frequency of our minds? November 18, at pm. You are not crazy, you are not alone and I feel your pain and I understand. I am being followed, harassed, and all my furniture, clothing and my job, I was fired because the stalker has money and pay my employer to fire me.

The stalker put a hole in my car and I called the insurance company State Farm They were nice and got a rental car and when they talked to the policeman they changed. It hurt me so bad the policeman wrote There was no hole in the floor board of the car. The insurance refused paying My car was damaged and they wrote wear and tear on all my properties and the insurance refused paying.

The Stalker tore up my car I started driving my sons car and the stalker put a hole in the bottom of my sons car and damaged the rear view mirror. Its awful and theymake the insurance think you are trying to rip them off. I am going to pray. Read this link and get help from Protestants only and tell the perpetrators they should stop taking money from murderers because you know what they do. Then lay charges because of fraudulent life cover under your name and those of your sons. Good Luck, Irmgard.. February 9, at am.

Nobody believes me. They have stalked me to no end with a bunch of people. They have gotten my bank account my security number you name it. I know this is an old post but please anybody with any kind of information on what I can do.

Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck
Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck
Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck
Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck
Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck
Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck
Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck Hawaiian Surf Meditations: SoulSurfer Tarot Deck

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