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The cauldron—hers of which could raise the dead—was an important aspect of Celtic life, serving as both a household hub and as a tool for divination and sacrificial rituals. This would explain the common connection between cauldrons and witchcraft. Cerridwen gave birth to two children: a beautiful daughter and a hideous son named Afagddu. The first three drops would confer great wisdom, while the rest would be a deadly poison.

As the time drew near to make use of it, a servant named Gwion Bach was stirring the pot when three drops fell upon his thumb. Without thinking, he put his thumb to his mouth in order to cool and clean it. Bach fled the instant that he realized his mistake, but he was pursued by an enraged Cerridwen.

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Using powers conveyed by the potion, the servant attempted to escape by changing into a variety of forms each one symbolizing the changing seasons. Cerridwen thwarted his escape plans each time, until finally he changed into a grain of wheat and was eaten by the goddess who had conveniently transformed into a black hen.

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Cerridwen and Taliesin are linked to Arthurian legend, with the latter thought by some to be Merlin. Cerridwen, meanwhile, is linked to Bran the Warrior through the cauldron that she gifts to him. Some even think that her cauldron—symbolizing knowledge and rebirth—was the original Holy Grail. Circe was the Greek goddess of metamorphosis and illusion. She was also a goddess of necromancy, skilled in the use of potions and drugs in her many spells.

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She was known to turn the men she came across into animals, with their minds intact so as to fully appreciate their predicament. And perhaps most famously, Circe was the goddess who fell in love with Odysseus after he and his crew landed on her island home of Aeaea. It took the help of the god Hermes to defeat her spells and free Odysseus from her grasp. Diana is the Roman goddess of woodlands, wild animals, and hunting. She was often depicted as a virgin, carrying a bow and quiver and accompanied by either a deer or hunting dogs.

She was also a fertility goddess who assisted in childbirth, nursing, and healing. As the goddess of light, she represented the Moon, supplanting the goddess Luna in that role. She later became associated with Hekate and was known as a goddess of the dead. She was originally worshiped on the Tifata Mountain and in sacred forests.

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Due to her affinity with the lower classes, escaped slaves could seek asylum in her temples—many of her priests were said to be former slaves. Eventually, her followers branched out from Greece and Rome and began to encompass much of the Old World. Her cult, along with that of the pagan goddesses inspired by her, was so widespread that early Christians considered her to be one of their chief obstacles.

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One such modern group is the Temple of Diana , a feminist group of Dianic witches with branches in Los Angeles, Wisconsin, and Michigan. I learned all this from a book written by the legend himself, David Icke.

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He explains the conspiracies going on in the world and that has been going on for thousands of years. The worshiping day for the ancient Moon Goddess Diana was on August 13th, when her temple, the Aventine Temple in ancient Rome, would have been stowed with her followers, many offerings left for her either at her temple or out in woodlands and forrest,in which she is goddess of.

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She was also regarded with great reverance, making her the Patroness of lower-class citizens, whom were called plebians and slaves. Slaves were granted asylum into her temples, making them safe, warm and out of harms way, with the love and protection of their great goddess of the people, Diana. In my magical workings and spells, I try and work with only certain gods and goddessess.

Any fertility and nature-based based dieties are my first choice to work with. Nine times out if ten, I just worship nature in my craft. It is worship that has got this world into the mess it is in. If you need to worship something or someone And if you need a tyrant in your life, let it be the part of you that is critical of only yourself, forcing yourself to always strive and do better. Religions of the world were created simply as mind prisons. Nothing less! But the reason Wicca and Witchcraft is for me, even though there is god and goddess worship in Wicca, I have always loved how the dieties just represent nature and the seasons.

I would not want to disrespect anyones choices though Love and light is the only way we can move forward and get out of this matrix. The world, the way it is, it was never supposed to be like this. Not for any specific reasons either. I have a great family, had an amazing childhood as me and my Sister Vicky never wanted for nothing. And I have learned to love and respect them even more since properly opening myself up to the Craft and learning esoreric knowledge I just have a completly different outlook on life now.

I still am easily aggitated, but I genuinly cannot help that.

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Triple Goddess (Neopaganism)

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Luna      Last of the Pagan Goddesses Luna Last of the Pagan Goddesses
Luna      Last of the Pagan Goddesses Luna Last of the Pagan Goddesses
Luna      Last of the Pagan Goddesses Luna Last of the Pagan Goddesses
Luna      Last of the Pagan Goddesses Luna Last of the Pagan Goddesses
Luna      Last of the Pagan Goddesses Luna Last of the Pagan Goddesses
Luna      Last of the Pagan Goddesses Luna Last of the Pagan Goddesses
Luna      Last of the Pagan Goddesses Luna Last of the Pagan Goddesses
Luna      Last of the Pagan Goddesses Luna Last of the Pagan Goddesses

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