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It seems that when the world was cut up into zones by the Barrier, the difficulty in transporting resources caused shortages which in turn made people begin to evaluate who was most important to keep alive. The twist with Aaron is that he was not only an Extra but a black female Extra named Stella, gang-raped and traumatized by the experience.

In order to become Aaron, he had to essentially kill off a part of himself. He is not asexual but I do consider him to be genderqueer. Beyond that, his identity is a metaphor for how some members of oppressed minorities feel they must become like the enemy in order to survive, and Mindscape explores some of the consequences of such a choice. Lawanda is woman of color and an ethnic throwback, who replicates a speaking style which I can only describe as gangster-like. She is stationed in Los Santos, trying to shut down the treaty-resistance there, guarded by a woman called Captain, and in love with a stoic, mysterious and cold man who just goes by Major.

But she is stronger than she at first appears, and I came to respect her for her strong sense of self. This is all the more impressive because he, like Captain, has bombs wired up in his brain, in danger of going off if he strays from his mission. She was also a woman of color, of Hawaiian origin, and a much better person than she at first appeared. This book has no qualms about sexuality, and a sense of the mystically erotic permeates nearly every scene. Elleni and Ray are lovers, both bisexual and attracted to many other people. Her electrically charged dreads seem like a character all by themselves, hissing and spitting and wrapping around things without her consent.

As a woman of color, Andrea Hairston probably has much more of a right than I to depict other people of color in whatever way she sees fit. Certainly she is entitled to depicting characters of African descent however she chooses. But the Ghost Dancer characters seemed oddly stereotypical and theatrical to me, mostly there to add a touch of mysticism, putting Native Americans in a mythological light. Admittedly, the Wovoka head of the Ghost Dancers , was a decent character in the end, but so much of the ethnic throwback thing in this book seemed oddly distorted.

Maybe this was related somehow to the development of the three separate zones post-Barrier, and I missed the connection—entirely possible, considering how disorienting the writing style was. Overall, I just found Mindscape baffling in terms of plot. The End. I wish I could have read the story of what happens once things started making sense.

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But for me, there was altogether too much chaos and not enough translation of that chaos into meaning. View 2 comments. Shelves: setting-sf , read-in So, words seem inadequate, but I'll give this my best shot. No lie, the first pages aren't easy. Andrea Hairston puts you right in the middle of things with no inclination to explain, and it is weird. But, if you can make it through that bit, the pieces start to come together. It's confusing, yes, but not to no end.

The author delivers on her promises. It's a wild ride.

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Hairston rotates you through the limited perspective of each character--and what characters they are! From Lawanda, Wow. From Lawanda, who is so much more than her sass, to Aaron Dunklebrot who I thought I'd hate, but actually found fascinating by the end , to Elleni another character I didn't 'get' right away , each has their own unique voice and motivations. It's been nearly a week and I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything, which probably queues it for a re-read at some point in the future.

This book gets inside your head and stays there. It doesn't hurt that the writing is gorgeous. Genre-wise, this could be categorized as 'soft' Science-Fiction in the tradition of social-commentary, but I'm actually more comfortable leaving it in the broader catch-all category of speculative fiction. Not quite sci-fi, not quite fantasy, but definitely still "elsewhere. May 27, Melinda rated it really liked it Shelves: feminist-scifi-fantasy , inclusive-scifi-fantasy. I enjoyed Lawanda's voice. In this crazy world where nothing is as it seems, Lawanda is the voice of truth.

She's you and me floundering in a sea of politics not knowing who to trust. She wants to change the world but feels like a puppet. Eleni has her own demons to fight. Should she lead and carry on a dead woman's legacy or wander the Barrier aimlessly?

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There are so many characters in this book and the storyline is not linear. And time is fluid. I personally felt that it is the story of workin I enjoyed Lawanda's voice. I truly encourage people to read this book. Open your mind to a different reality. It is so worth the effort. Aug 06, Shannongibney rated it liked it Recommends it for: Anyone interested in the possibilities of speculative fiction.

Shelves: fiction , africandiasporic , sci-fi. This was an incredibly dense and fascinating exploration of among other things African diasporic spiritual and aesthetic traditions, technology and its limitations and possibilities, seeing various communities as "character," alternative sexualities and kinship systems, multiple languages, multiple spiritual systems, the effects and results of cultural collison, and much, much more.

Not a book for the faint of heart.

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This one will definitely bust your mind open, but it requires tenacity to stick with it. Sep 01, Dennis Fischman added it Shelves: fiction.

I didn't finish this book. Only one character, Lawanda, made any difference to me, and that just wasn't enough to make me work my way through it. I stopped around page Jun 10, Peter rated it did not like it.

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Hundreds of years ago, a mysterious Barrier appeared, dividing Earth into separate zones, connected only intermittently, and often in conflict. A few years ago, a peace agreement was reached, though there are forces on many sides working against it.

Sometimes, when you're a reader of SF, you read a brief description of a book and think, "Hey, there's a really cool idea here that I'd like to see how it's explored. Maybe it's robots, or vampires, or FTL, it doesn't even really have to have a good reason. Not everybody has these things, but some people do, and, in those cases, you have to do a juggling act, where you think, "Okay, maybe I'm interested enough in this idea that I'm willing to suffer through these other ones.

That was the case for me in this book. I was really interested in the idea of an Earth divided by an impenetrable barrier put up by aliens, to see how people reacted only to discover and maybe I didn't read the description carefully enough that all that happened centuries ago and the author only seemed to have it to set up her factions and drive a bit of the conflict with the way the barrier behaved.

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