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#9 Assumption of the Virgin

Having studied Holy Family portraits within the context of wealthy family and church commissions, I wish there would have been more information about how images like this affected the daily life of more common families. It's a very intriguing subject, and I appreciate you sharing it! Ben, thanks for including the Sheriff reference! I'm interested in checking into this.

I'm surprised that this belief lasted into the 19th century I would have assumed that at least the Enlightenment would have dispelled some of these ideas! I'll also try to find a copy of the cartoon of the pregnant woman that you mentioned. I wonder if there are more examples like these ones for pregnant women, where art can somehow effect a physiological change on an individual or in this case, an unborn child.

Dante’s Divine Comedy in Late Medieval and Early Renaissance art

That would be an interesting research project! Zillah, I love the St. Margaret examples that you mentioned! I think I'm going to send hopeful mothers-to-be gifts of apples that contain invocations to St. I'll have to look into that. H Niyazi, I also thought of the van Eyck example! That's a great example to mention in connection with this post, since the image of St. Margaret decorates the Arnolfini bedpost, and the images that I mention were intended to also decorate the bedroom.

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Erin Fickert-Rowland, thanks for your comment! Murphy's article is a great contribution to that topic. I would guess that he's making a connection between impressionism and being impressionable see Richard Shiff on this subject! Thanks, Ben! Ha ha! I've never seen this before. I'll hang onto this link for future reference. In fact, I'm introducing Impressionism to my students next week; I'll have to show this to them!

An introduction to the Protestant Reformation (article) | Khan Academy

And I'll check out what Shiff has to say, too. I'm glad that you could "update" this conversation and add a fun 19th century twist to the topic. For anyone who is interested and that includes myself! The chapter can be accessed online here , through a Google Books preview.

Florence, the Late Gothic

I've been in contact with Caroline P. Murphy, the author of the article which I mentioned in this post.

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As I mentioned in an earlier comment see above , I wondered if the scale of Holy Family with Saints Margaret and Francis prevented this painting from being included in Murphy's discussion. She wrote back to me this morning, explaining the following:. That wouldn't preclude a pregnant woman of the house from praying to Saint Margaret of course, or that Margaret was the name saint of a female household member.

I do discuss the painting in a chapter on Lavinia Fontana's early works in my book on her. Your email address will not be published. February 16, at pm.

M says:. Benjamin Ben says:.

Zillah says:. H Niyazi says:. February 17, at am. As for the French?

Where is the Islamic Renaissance?

In fact, Cesare was such a frequent sufferer of syphilis, his personal physician wound up writing a treatise on the disease — and dedicating it to Cesare. He left with only a footman and a masked man — identity unknown — who had been visiting him at the Vatican nearly every day for the past month. At the Piazza degli Ebrei, Juan told the footman that he and the masked man would go on alone.

The kicker? And how the Borgias toed the line between the two.

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      Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6) Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6)
      Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6) Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6)
      Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6) Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6)
      Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6) Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6)
      Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6) Renaissance (The Holy Ones Book 6)

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