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I found a correlation between the use of a pen name and a desire to conceal sexual preference by several playwrights and authors. When I discovered De Vere in , Ellen DeGeneres had just become the first television personality to come out on the air. Much progress has been made in terms of attitudes toward sexual preference and gender identity in the past eighteen years, but some things remain unchanged. Students are still persecuted in schools and online for not conforming to sex-role stereotypes.

Bullying behavior is often related to anxiety about sexual identity. Bisexuality, like homosexuality, was not just marginalized but denied by many people until quite recently. Science has proven that human experience includes a broad spectrum of gender identity and sexual preference. As a writer and filmmaker, I bring to this project the point of view that defines an author: the search for voice and identity.

I am committed to providing students the opportunity to express themselves through words and visual images, and to develop their own unique and powerful voices. Through understanding Shakespeare, we can enhance our knowledge of human behavior and the complexities of interpersonal communications.

Shakespeare for Bullies , the educational outreach program for my film, empowers students to change behavior by sharing their stories. By focusing our attention on the search for identity and cultivating respect for differences, Shakespeare can be not just an effective tool for confronting the self-perpetuating violence of bullying, but a catalyst for lasting change. Please join me in bringing Nothing is Truer than Truth to audiences around the world, because it really does matter who wrote Shake-speare. Labels: bisexual bard , bisexual theory , cheryl eagan-donovan , Nothing Truer Than Truth , Shakespeare documentaries.

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Monday, December 01, Welles the enigma, Welles the sometime Oxfordian. This weekend Penny and I saw a documentary that, as I reflect on it, has some curious correspondence to the authorship question. It's called Finding Vivian Maier , and it's about a secretive photographer who shot over , images during her long life but yet never revealed nearly any of her great works to anyone, whether friend or colleague or agent or auctioneer. This phenomenal corpus was only brought to light when an archivist happened to discover some of her negatives.

Struck by the singular nature of these images, he unearthed more and more of Maier's photos till he ultimately became her posthumous advocate and agent as well as the director of the present film. I mention it here, though, because it's also a mystery not unlike the authorship mystery behind another great artist. Why would someone so clearly adept at taking stunning photos, an artist so singularly possessed, spend her whole life -- Emily Dickinson-like -- hiding her phenomenal talent and body of work?

For paying work, Maier spent nearly her entire career as a nanny for various families mostly in the Chicago area. She would take her children with her on day trips into the city, photographing everything and everyone she encountered. It's not coincidental, I think, that Maier also took to concealing her identity using assumed names -- a storyline in the film that comes out briefly in the trailer.

It's not a tremendous leap, one suspects, to go from an artist who conceals her work to an artist who conceals her name. It is further revealed that she concealed some darkness in her life too. Without providing any spoilers, I'll just note that Maier emerges from this film as an enigmatic, troubled and brooding figure.

Was she disturbed by the mania that possessed her in her work? Was she shamed by the work itself somehow?

Shakespeare by Another Name

Was she embarrassed by her related obsessive-compusive behaviors and neurotic tendency to hoard? The answers are only dimly revealed. But I was struck by the similarly open questions one finds in the story of an author who seems also to have been compulsively driven to conceal his work and identity.

In the Sonnets , the author bemoans his buried name e. But he's also drawn by the undertow of shame. So what is the nature of the author's shame? For those who see Edward de Vere as a conflicted, bisexual man battling his own erotic desires esp. Then again, some see the author's self-guilt more stemming from, in the words of Sonnet , "beauty slandered by a bastard shame. This post is not going to delve into that long-standing battle behind Oxfordian lines. Are the artists' feelings of shame related to their drive to conceal their work?

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The case of Vivian Maier, while clearly different in obvious ways from the Shake-speare authorship question, does present a psychological profile of a great artist driven to bury and conceal. To the point of self-obliteration. Thankfully, in both cases, the forces of obliteration did not win in the end. The works survive, though many mysteries remain. In reviewing this material, I'm persuaded that, yes, there's more supposition than fact here. As will be described below, I think the matter still merits an endnote.

But only as a hypothesis, and one that also should be flagged as such. As Oxford's first biographer, B. Ward first pointed out , there's a record in the calendar of manuscripts at Hatfield House XIII , of a copy of a New Testament which is no longer extant. But the manuscript calendar does transcribe a Latin inscription from the book's flyleaf.

Nina Green's excellent Oxford-Shakespeare website has the full Latin transcript with an English translation here.

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Here's part of it:. Not exactly Virgil.

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Still, despite its anonymous nature, the context of the poem does suggest Oxford's hand, especially as it might offer an interesting glimpse into an insecure, doting zealotry in Oxford's intense scrutiny over Anne's pregnancy. Tuesday, February 04, These c. Rambler is a pseudonymous blogger with an encyclopedic grasp of early modern drama who's been posting on nearly a daily basis since last April about his forays into Elizabethan and early Jacobean plays written by many authors other than "Shakespeare. Executive summary of Rambler's posts: Writers from the London literary scene years ago -- Chapman, Middleton, Jonson, Nashe, and numerous others as well -- had all written in guarded terms about Edward de Vere as "Shakespeare.

And the Oxfordian theory specifically. Anyone interested in the authorship question should really bookmark its RSS feed and Please, just go read Rambler. Anderson has a knack for finding fishy aspects of the traditional view that Shakespeare was Shakespeare. He has also been a contributing writer for Wired. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Gotham, Condition: Brand New. Seller Inventory A More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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Shakespeare By Another Name Shakespeare By Another Name
Shakespeare By Another Name Shakespeare By Another Name
Shakespeare By Another Name Shakespeare By Another Name
Shakespeare By Another Name Shakespeare By Another Name
Shakespeare By Another Name Shakespeare By Another Name
Shakespeare By Another Name Shakespeare By Another Name
Shakespeare By Another Name Shakespeare By Another Name
Shakespeare By Another Name Shakespeare By Another Name

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