The Kings of Monte Cristi

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by Alexandre Dumas

Last updated Oct 07 Search in topic:. Most of the movie is in Paris and Marseille where Fernand and Edmond lived. Although, part of the movie is set in Rome where Albert is kidnapped. This is where Napoleon was exiled. To prevent him from being rescued the British would shoot anyone who came ashore, which explains Edmond and Fernand's little adventure.

Napoleon asks Edmond to deliver a letter to an old friend, but to tell no one that he has been given the letter. The letter contains information about Napoleon's captivity on Elba, and Edmond is arrested for treason because he is carrying it. When Napoleon asked Edmond why he and Fernand exchanged the king chess piece, Edmond told him it signifies being the king of the moment.

To which Napoleon responds that the world is made up of either kings or pawns. This was said to Mercedes when Edmond met her and Fernand at the rock. He was excited for he had just been made captain because of his actions while the former captain was ill. In this scene you also begin to see more of how Fernand really feels about Edmond. Edmond actually gets promoted for making the decision to get help for his sick captain.

Danglars, the first mate, was reprimanded for trying to stop Dantes from making port at Elba. Edmond: "Why?! This is one of my favourite quotes in the movie.

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It shows how much Fernand is consumed by jealousy. So much so that he sends Edmond to the Chateau d'If.

The letter was written to Monsoir Clarion, Villefort's father. But Mondego loves her, too, and is consumed with jeolousy.

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He betrays his friend, and Dantes is arrested and secretly carted off to the dreaded Chateau d'If, an island prison from which there is no return; a sort of historical Alcatraz but with less creature comforts. The Count of Monte Cristo is, at its core, a story of betrayal and vengeance.

And jealousy is at the heart of this betrayal. Jealousy eats away at a person's character, causing him a growing resentment of another until that other seems to become a bitter rival.

by Alexandre Dumas [père]

We see Saul jealous of young David 1 Sam. In general, it is a negative emotion, and Paul warns against it in Gal. Yet, we also see God being described as a "a jealous and avenging God" Nah. His jealousy, though, is warranted. He is envious for our love and worship, and he alone is worthy of such worship. Likewise, a devoted husband's jealousy for his wife's love and affections is a positive emotion, keeping them together.

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Betrayal is a bitter fruit of jealousy. The Psalmist recognized how friendships broken are so painful: "If an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were raising himself against me, I could hide from him. But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend, with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship as we walked with the throng at the house of God" Psa.

Jesus himself experienced the pain of betrayal by his close friend Judas Lk. Betrayed, it is in his dark, dank cell, alone, that Dantes' character develops. And it is not positive. When he unexpectedly meets another inmate, Father Faria Richard Harris, the original Professor Dumblesdore in Harry Potter , this priest offers to teach him.

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But as his knowledge grows so does his hatred and his thirst for revenge. Yet, Abbe Faria concludes his teaching with this, "Here is your final lesson -- do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence. God said, 'Vengeance is mine. Dantes does not want justice, leaving punishment for his oppressors to the authorities Rom. Rather, he wants to mete out his own form of justice in the form of revenge, which includes similar emotional torture to what he endured.

It's payback. In contrast, God's vengeance wll come in his good time and it will involve true justice. The issue is control. A chess piece, the king, forms a metaphor for this throughout. Earlier, Napoleon offered sage advice to Dantes, "In life, we are kings or pawns. As king, we can command and control. We can execute justice, our own justice, and no one can question us. But a pawn has no control and must bow before the king. Dantes wants to be king.

He wants to rule the game. We have our own decision to make. Will we be pawn or king? There is a king already and his name is Jesus.

We can accept him now as Lord of our life Rom. At that time it will carry with it the consequence of punishment Rev. When we yield the rule of our heart to Jesus' reign we willingly become his pawn, allowing him to move us about the big board of life as he sees fit.

The Kings of Monte Cristi The Kings of Monte Cristi
The Kings of Monte Cristi The Kings of Monte Cristi
The Kings of Monte Cristi The Kings of Monte Cristi
The Kings of Monte Cristi The Kings of Monte Cristi
The Kings of Monte Cristi The Kings of Monte Cristi

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