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The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl

Photo and Video Gallery Catch the glimpse of happenings at Mirafra and the way we enjoy our day. Goals may also be revealed slowly, such as in The Godfather, where it takes the entire film to realize that the goal is to keep the family alive by replacing the aging Don with a younger member of the family. Further, in The Godfather , as in many Alfred Hitchcock films, the goal is not nearly as important as the chase or the inside information or the thematic atmosphere.

So don't feel obligated to elevate every story point to the same level. Let your imagination run wild. Jot down as many instances as come to mind in which the particular story point comes into play. Such events, moments or scenarios enrich a story and add passion to a perfunctory telling of the tale.

Da Story Weaver

One of the best ways to do this is to consider how each story point might affect other story points. For example, each character sees the overall goal as a step in helping them accomplish their personal goals. So, why not create a scenario where a character wistfully describes his personal goal to another character while sitting around a campfire?

He can explain how achievement of the overall story goal will help him get what he personally wants. An example of this is in the John Wayne classic movie, The Searchers. John Wayne's character asks an old, mentally slow friend to help search for the missing girl.

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  • Finding the girl is the overall goal. The friend has a personal goal: he tells Wayne that he just wants a roof over his head and a rocking chair by the fire. This character sees his participation in the effort to achieve the goal as the means of obtaining something he has personally longed for. By the time you've created an Exposition Plan for each story point you worked on in the Development phase, you'll have assembled a huge number of events, moments, and scenarios. There's only one thing left to do: tell your story!

    Storytelling is a multi-faceted endeavor.

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    It incorporates style, timing, blending of several story points into full-bodied scenes, sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, and good old-fashioned charisma. Story Mechanics often get stuck at this point. They write one great line and become so intimidated by its grandeur they are afraid to write anything else lest it not measure up to that initial quality.

    The Story Weaver

    Don't grieve over every phrase to try and make yourself look better than you are. Just spew out the words and get the story told. Something not up to snuff? That's what re-writes are for! Get in touch with your own passions. Each of us is born a passionate human being. But we quickly learn that the world does not appreciate all our emotional expressions.

    In no time, we develop a whole bag of behaviors that don't truly reflect who we really are. But, they do help us get by. Problem is, these false presentations of our selves appear to be our real selves to everyone else. So, they give us presents we don't really want, make friendships with people we don't really like, and even marry people we don't really love! This false life we develop is a mask, but by no means is it always a well-fitting one.

    In fact, it chafes against the real "us. So instead, we just tighten the mask down so hard it becomes an exo-skeleton, part of what we call "ourselves. We come to believe that this is who we really are. Now, try getting in touch with your passions through that! The mask dampens any emotional energy we have and our writing dribbles out like pablum. Wanna' really be passionate? Then try this: Lock the doors, take the phone off the hook, search for hidden video cameras, and then sit down to write.

    For just one page, write about the one thing about yourself you are most afraid that anyone would ever find out. By writing about your most shameful or embarrassing trait or action, you will tap right through that mask into the your feelings. And a gusher of passion will burst out of the hole. Once you know where to find the oil field of your soul, you can drill down into it any time you like.

    Of course, every time you draw from that well, you put more cracks in the mask. Eventually, the darn thing might shatter altogether, leaving you unable to be anyone but yourself with your boss, your friends, and your lover. Downside risk: you might lose them all. But, you'll be a far better writer. And finally, go for broke. Exaggerate and carry everything you do to the extreme. It is far easier to go overboard and then temper it back in a re-write than to underplay your work and have to try and beef it up. There are far more tips, tricks, and techniques than we can fit into this single article.

    Keep a log of the times and places you are most inspired. See if you can spot patterns and trends to help you schedule where and when to write. Try the Synthesis Technique. Thank you for this super review. It is always a pleasure to share Prince Albert's stories and yours was such a happy, enthusiastic audience!

    I hope we'll meet for another walk or a storytelling evening when next you visit! This had been recommended and we were not disappointed. We were lucky to be on our own with the wonderful Ailsa - she of the Ghost Walk! Ailsa tailored our time to our interests which was great and she was not only full of local 'lore' but also knowledgeable on the history which is so fascinating.

    The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl - Wikipedia

    As we completed our walk the sky darkened and lightening was all around - truly atmospheric! Thank you Ailsa. Thank you!

    I am so glad you enjoyed yourselves. We have had a little more rain and live in hope for yet more today to break the heat Our truly amazing and magical story teller Ailsa transported us through history with her fantastic knowledge and animated story telling skills. She absolutely made our visit! Thank you so much! It was a great pleasure to share stories with people who are so interested and such good company.

    I hope to see you here again! I can really recommend this activity at the start of your stay in lovely Prince Albert. You really feel at home after this tour. All tough you might wake up at night hearing strange noises. The story teller is just very enthusiastic and genuine. The walk starts at the museum.

    I suggest to go there before te walk. Perfect combination. Thank you JaaaJaaa - so glad you felt "at home" - that's just what we want! Glad you enjoyed visiting the museum too, you can see why they won the "Best in the Western Cape" award this year. I hope we'll see you in Prince Albert again.

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    The Story Weaver The Story Weaver
    The Story Weaver The Story Weaver
    The Story Weaver The Story Weaver
    The Story Weaver The Story Weaver
    The Story Weaver The Story Weaver
    The Story Weaver The Story Weaver
    The Story Weaver The Story Weaver

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