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Sometimes even disastrous or outright heartbreaking.

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These years are no exception. Some events and catastrophes have felt more extreme than ever.

Trouble’s tracks

As doctor and professor Hans Rosling who passed away in February brilliantly explained again and again: the world is better off now than anytime before. Skip to content. Read more on medium.

Talking to Taffy Is Low Tech. And Intense.

In troubled waters. When Christopher Columbus set out for the East Indies in , uncertainty rumbled on board the ship for weeks. Where was this stalwart crew heading? And what would the promised land hold? The East Indies, of course, did not appear.

Turkey Trouble

But something else did. Technology is now the promising, but also inhospitable, landscape we need to explore, and conquer. New services, concepts, tech, and ideas are crashing down upon us.

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Many of them so attractive and convenient we feel we must take advantage of the possibilities, or risk missing out. At the same time, the new wonders threaten to tear up the foundations of everything we know, everything we have spent hundreds of years building up and fighting for. Everything that we stand on.

shaky ground under that bus: Mick Mulvaney is in trouble

And stand for. It is all happening so fast that we rarely grasp the consequences.

Ray LaMontagne Trouble

Often goes by the name of Amy. A fine girl that walks by.

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A woman particularly adept at inspiring emotions of curiosity, strife , concern, distress, confusion and a general lack of well being in the lives of all males within a reasonable radius. She is generally concerned with mischief , drama, and producing adequate levels of the aforementioned emotions for her own amusement.

The source of my nickname. Troubles unknown.

Term used to describe the violent campaigns carried out by Irish nationalist groups such as the Irish Republican Army to achieve independence from the United Kingdom. The term applies both to the violence leading to formation of the Republic of Ireland i. War of Independence and the Irish Civil War in the early 20th century, and also to the more recent violence in and about Northern Ireland, which dated from the late s. Rembrandt Mini ladd Buttmunch Hambug Jacob

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