What Can We Learn From the Past?

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The Future Lies In The Past The Return of the Utopians

This concluding chapter summarizes the important observations and lessons that were discussed in the book. It presents several economic theories, particularly on Arrow. Technologies were adapted and modified in order for them to be socially different from the country that originated them.

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Lastly, Japan's competition policy played a big role in saving several industries from vanishing during the post-war period. Oxford Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service. Public users can however freely search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter.

Please, subscribe or login to access full text content. To troubleshoot, please check our FAQs , and if you can't find the answer there, please contact us. All Rights Reserved. OSO version 0. University Press Scholarship Online. Sign in. Not registered? Sign up. And by recalling our strengths in the past, we can better recognize our opportunities in the present.


We all have weaknesses in personality and competence. When left unaddressed, these weaknesses limit our potential for impact and significance.

Discover them. Recognize them. And learn to overcome them by seeking the help of others. Our lives find the greatest joy when we help others discover theirs. Which social causes have energized you in the past? What role were you able to fulfill in helping others? And how can similar pursuits bring new energy into your life today? Over the course of our lives, there are, no doubt, a number of people who have inspired us to become better versions of ourselves. What traits do they have in common?

And can you surround yourself with more people like them today? The company we keep and the cultures we function in either bring us inspiration or derail our progress.

Are there relationships in your past that continually brought you down and resulted in destructive decisions? If so, learn from your past to avoid them.

What Can We Learn from the Past? - Oxford Scholarship

Over the course of our lives, we employ a variety of disciplines to make the most of it. We discover a new diet, a new fitness practice, or a new morning routine. Eventually, these new disciplines either become habits or they fade from our memory. Look back. Recognize the habits that brought energy, health, and invigoration into your life. And embrace them again. Various matters of our mind and affections of our heart bring different amounts of joy, meaning, and fulfillment into our lives. What affections during life brought you the most joy?

What Can We Learn from the Past?

And have you gotten away from them? If so, return. And in so doing, recognize what distracted you from them in the first place. Most of the resources we have at our personal disposal are finite and limited money, time, energy. By definition, the allocation of them towards one pursuit limits the amount of resources we have available towards others. It is wise to recognize the subtle pursuits that routinely distract you from the truest desires of your heart.

We are a people that too often give control of our most precious asset to another. We fall under the influence of substances, possessions, or entertainment. And when we do, our life is no longer our own. Identify the recurring controlling substances addictions in your life and humbly seek the help needed to remove their influence over you. Similar to addictions, we each have unique weaknesses to temptation. These temptations may vary in nature, but each detract from the fullest life possible. But they do not need to define us. We can begin anew. However, only those who can identify and admit their mistakes in the past have opportunity to learn from them.

We all learn differently. Some are visual learners, some are verbal, some learn best in a group setting, while others learn best alone. Your learning style is as unique to you as your fingerprint. The important thing is to recognize and understand what style suits you best. Deep in our heart, our motivation runs supreme.

It determines the decisions we make, the use of our time, and the words we choose to use. Understanding our deepest motivations is a difficult task. It requires stillness, patience, and consistent self-evaluation. But the more we discover why we do the things we do, the easier it is for us to make the most of the present we are living in today.

If we start asking the right questions, there are countless life-giving lessons we can learn from our past. Never feel that you have to be defined by it. But it would be equally foolish to forget it completely when it offers so much potential for the present.

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    ... And Put Those Lessons Into Practice

    Your article really inspired me and gonna help me out in my life and the decision and plans I make about it. It rarely happens to me that I get too much impressed by any article or related stuff but yours is one of those which made a difference. Thanks a lot. Wow, that was great. I always had an issue within myself. My dad past away 4 years ago.

    I always studied thinking of his upbringing whether when he was around or not but as time passed by… I lost the enthusiasm I had in studying, which I even had at his early years of death.

    What Can We Learn From the Past? What Can We Learn From the Past?
    What Can We Learn From the Past? What Can We Learn From the Past?
    What Can We Learn From the Past? What Can We Learn From the Past?
    What Can We Learn From the Past? What Can We Learn From the Past?
    What Can We Learn From the Past? What Can We Learn From the Past?

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